G2… V2!

Today the cat is out of the bag… check out the full review of the cool new AirCheck G2 features from our secret MFD2 session right here.

I think this is a killer update to the G2 – here’s a quick recap:

iPerf performance testing. (!!!!!) Not only can you now check upstream and downstream throughput against an iPerf server, there’s even a slick new accessory so you don’t have to build your own iPerf box. I’ve been using this on projects and it’s a great way to check only the links you really want to – rather than pulling out speedtest.net on my iPhone where I can’t tell if the internet link is the bottleneck. The accessory looks just like a darker coloured LinkSprinter and can run on PoE (or a couple of AAs), and has a basic web server. Hot damn.


Captive Portal Support. Another big feature, this has made my G2 fully functional where it used to have a fatal weakness – captive portals would render it useless for active association testing. Now the built-in browser makes it possible to fully enter authentication credentials or accept a AUP. Brilliant.

Captive Portal Authentication

ACL / Authorization classes. This is really AP categorization. Set a big ‘ol flag on that unauthorized AP so you know it’s, well, unauthorized. The G2 will also flag rogues detected on the auto test. Could be handy.

Interferer Identification. I relate this to Cisco’s clean air. The G2 can now detect things like Bluetooth devices, Microwaves, and other sources of interference. The G2 shows duty cycle and which channels are affected. This is not full spectrum analysis, but meet your new handheld interference locator. Shut the front door.

Interferer List

Interferer Details



Packet Capture. Save your session file and now optionally add a PCAP of all the testing you did; then take it away for offline analysis. Includes radio tap headers. Yes please.

Channel Overlap View. Another way of visualizing where all of those APs are camped out, in a view we’re all familiar with these days. From the channels menu, find the overlap button in the bottom left corner to get to the new view. from there, you can tap on any of the parabolic arcs to get an expanded view of the AP BSSIDs that are on that channel.

Ch Overlap View

Channel Overlap View


Phew. Let’s take a break right there. That’s a LOT of big features that just got jammed into our handy little tool. Way to go Netscout on adding value to the platform!

If you have MasterCare support for your AirCheck G2, download firmware version 2.0.0 from this link.

You can also find a technical overview from Netscout here, and a recent webinar where Netscout talks with George Stefanick with Houston Methodist hospital about how they’re using the new Aircheck G2 features here.